Here is the first fan-created art for the film. A “We’ve Got It SImple” poster created by WEBESCO!


We've Got It Simple - Press Kit

Thanks to Webesco for such a cool poster, which captures the essence of the film, doesn’t break any Phish copyright laws and really is a perfect example of the spirit of the band and their fans. Th set the bar high right out of the gate, but we look forward to every and all submission headed our way! I can’t stress enough that the more people we have involved, the more of us that are able to contribute, the better this film will be. So if you have any graphic chops, if you write, paint, draw, create music, make merch, sell burritos, whatever.. and you get down with some Phish… get in touch with us. You’re exactly who we want to talk to!

Sim-Bop and Be-Bophone… SkyBalls and SaxScrapers…


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