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 We've Got It Simple - Press Kit

“We’ve Got It Simple”  is a feature length documentary about the fans of the Phish from Vermont. What started with a single show way back in 1983 has since blossomed into a three decade long career of four virtuoso musicians and one of the most unique and fascinating bands to ever grace a stage.

As Phish moves into their third decade of music, Philly Philms has embarked on a mission to make a film that tells the story of the fans and the world Phish and their music has left in their wake. From the early days at Nectar’s in Burlington Vermont, to the 30th Anniversary NYE run at Madison Square Garden and beyond, “We’ve Got It Simple” will expose and celebrate the wonderful community that the band has developed, fostered and encouraged through the years.

In the end, all of us Phish heads will have collectively created a film, a piece of permanent art that will not only tell our story from the inside out, but also serve as a gift from us, the fans.. to them, the band!

With that collaborative spirit in mind, please contact us to submit ANYTHING you think would be worthwhile to the film from artwork and graphics to pictures and videos. We want you to be happy… this is your film too!




Philly Philms is “attacking” the world of Zombies in it’s next film which will take a look at Zombie Culture in Philadelphia with a focus on the unholy trinity of events held by Philly Zombie Crawl .

We have wrapped on this film and are currently in post production. We will update once we have a cut to potential screenigns in the city. Please follow/like us at The Living Dead\’s Facebook, Twitter and Website.

UPDATE: We sadly have placed “The Living Dead” into a holding pattern due to losing significant backer to our budget to cancer. We have all the footage in the can, and when time, and funds allow themselves to free up, we will see this film through post production and eventually release this story to the world. Until then, stay hungry my friends!



Rumors of funeral home robbers convince a naive mother to have her son Alex Crogan spend the night with his deceased father’s body. During the long night, Alex is forced to revisit his relationship with the deceased and finally have on last chance to work things out. A long Night is a film about relationships, beliefs and how sometimes we wait to long to talk to each other about them.

Written & Directed By: Cesar Nery

Director of Photography: Michael Ryan Lawrence

Edited by: Laura Wills