Jack In The Box

10290619_10152647926775914_7785020821014788615_nPhilly Philms Presents: In Association with Optimystikal Pictures: A Film by Michael Ryan Lawrence

Starring: Brandon DeLany, John Rubinow, Joe Richards, Todd Scalia, Mike McNamee, Max Webb, Courtney Black, Monique Zordan

Screenplay By:
Michael Ryan Lawrence
Directed By:
Michael Ryan Lawrence
Produced By:
Nance Nickels



Official Selection: USO Military Outreach Festival: Award Comedy Section

Official Selection: LAFS Festival: Award Best Comedy (short)

Official Selection: Monaco Charity Film Festival: Award Short Film Directing

Official Selection: Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

Official Selection: Garden State Film Festival

Plot Outline:
A determined film student, set to direct his thesis, is convinced attaching an A-list actor to his script will ensure his film’s success.
When promises from his uncle, an agent, end up unfulfilled,he decides to take matters into his own hands.
His questionable friends, doubting his ability to get any worthwhile talent in his film, also decide to take matters into their own hands.
Now they have their actor, but before they can shoot the film, they have to convince him to not press charges when they let him out of the box!