When brain storming this film idea and how to pull it off, without having Phish and without having their music.. it was obvious that the focus would be on the fans. For this film isn’t necessarily about Phish but rather the fan base, culture and community they have created and encouraged.  With our original idea of having the fans contribute to the film as much as possible, it dawned on me “Who the hell am I to name this film”.

With that in mind, I have decided to let the fans decide. So we have posted a survey on surveymonkey.com that we want everyone to help us out with. We want to know what you want to see in the film, what you don’t want to see in the film, who should be interviewed, who should be avoided and most of all.. WHAT SHOULD WE CALL THIS FILM OF OURS???

So take some time, fill out our survey and be a part of the film. We’ll have the survey up on Surrender to the Flow as well as Phan Art and hope to have it forwarded and retweeted as much as possible to get a true opinion of the fanbase. I love this idea and couldn’t think of a better way to name the film.


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