What a response from all you crazy fools! The survey we ran was up for about a month and had over a 1000 replys. We couldn’t have asked for a better response. Such great insight into what you want to see form the film and more importantly what you want to say. I literally have a thousand papers printed out with full analytics of the  entire survey.  Saying we have a solid jumping off point for the film is an understatement. From the very jump this film is being told by us collectively. So, without further adu, the title of the Phish fan documentary, decided by the fans themselves…. (Drum Roll Please…)


With over 75% of the total vote, the title of our Phish fan film will be……


Although we had some amazing suggestions, “We’ve Got It Simple” was by far the run away winner. 75% of people had placed it into their top two and just over  55% slotted it first. Numbers this telling only  helps reinforce my theory of connectivity between the fans.

So congrats to all of you.  You guys named the film. This is your film too!

We are still seeking art, photos and videos for the film. If you’d like to contribute in ANY way, give us a shout!

Thanks again for all your participation thus far. You guys fucking rule!


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