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Philly Philms is PROUD to announce that our first feature film, BEERADELPHIA, has been picked up by a  national distribution company and they have just reached an agreement with HULU!

We need everyone’s help to get BEERADELPHIA to the top of the suggestion  queue on HULU so are asking all of you to do us a solid and WATCH BEERADELPHIA ON HULU.  (even if you put it on and leave the room) – HULU is free, plus it’s awesome.. so sign up for an account and help us out. Thanks in advance for helping us show the world why Philadelphia is the city of brewery love!

Mike and Kelly





As we got that big box store black Friday frenzy out of our system, we transition to SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY and it don’t get much smaller than Philly Philms!


So to encourage you to support our small business, we’re continuing our 40% OFF SALE throughout the weekend!

To take advantage of this use the link below and thank you in advance for supporting small business and local independent film!





In honor of Black Friday and knocking out those hard to buy gifts on your list, PHILLY PHILMS has launched their first ever…


Take a whopping 40% off anything you buy in the store!!!

Never had a chance to grab your Beeradelphia tee shirt, well what a better time than now!

Have someone on your gift list that’s tough to buy for, but loves Philly, Movies or Beer.. grab a Beeradelphia DVD!

Want the perfect four pack of glasses to go along with that beer gift you got someone, grab our slick Beeradelphia tulips!

No matter what your reasoning is, it just makes sense. And we sincerely appreciate your support of Philly Philms and Independent Film!


Use the link below for 40% of the entire store!



Here is the first fan-created art for the film. A “We’ve Got It SImple” poster created by WEBESCO!













Thanks to Webesco for such a cool poster, which captures the essence of the film, doesn’t break any Phish copyright laws and really is a perfect example of the spirit of the band and their fans. Th set the bar high right out of the gate, but we look forward to every and all submission headed our way! I can’t stress enough that the more people we have involved, the more of us that are able to contribute, the better this film will be. So if you have any graphic chops, if you write, paint, draw, create music, make merch, sell burritos, whatever.. and you get down with some Phish… get in touch with us. You’re exactly who we want to talk to!

Sim-Bop and Be-Bophone… SkyBalls and SaxScrapers…





What a response from all you crazy fools! The survey we ran was up for about a month and had over a 1000 replys. We couldn’t have asked for a better response. Such great insight into what you want to see form the film and more importantly what you want to say. I literally have a thousand papers printed out with full analytics of the  entire survey.  Saying we have a solid jumping off point for the film is an understatement. From the very jump this film is being told by us collectively. So, without further adu, the title of the Phish fan documentary, decided by the fans themselves…. (Drum Roll Please…)


With over 75% of the total vote, the title of our Phish fan film will be……


Although we had some amazing suggestions, “We’ve Got It Simple” was by far the run away winner. 75% of people had placed it into their top two and just over  55% slotted it first. Numbers this telling only  helps reinforce my theory of connectivity between the fans.

So congrats to all of you.  You guys named the film. This is your film too!

We are still seeking art, photos and videos for the film. If you’d like to contribute in ANY way, give us a shout!

Thanks again for all your participation thus far. You guys fucking rule!












It’s been such an amazing tour this summer. The contacts we’ve made for the film are hard to fathom. We’re stoked to get back to Philly and begin working. But before that, we have one last show in my old stomping grounds of LA at the world famous Hollywood Bowl!



Being a beer guy, I was looking forward to San Francisco’s stop of the tour and they sure didn’t disappoint! Not only was the beer and buds epically good, but at Magnolia, a local brewpub at Height and Ashbury, they made a few brews to welcome all us Phish kids to the city!

























Of course we had to make a pilgrimage to Russian River on our way to Hollywood…. it’s a rite of passage for a beer lover!
















SURRENDER TO THE FLOW not only is the best Phish magazine in Phistory.. but also the folks that throw the best boat trips on tour!

The two cruises on Lake Tahoe were an absolute blast and we got some great footage for the film taboot! Here are some shots from the cruise and much love to Christy for being such a good captain o’ fun!



























Philly Philms has landed on the left coast! We’ve pitched a tent near this beautiful stream with plenty of berry bushes to keep us nourished! If you happen to see us, just knock on our tent… we’ll come out and play!
















When brain storming this film idea and how to pull it off, without having Phish and without having their music.. it was obvious that the focus would be on the fans. For this film isn’t necessarily about Phish but rather the fan base, culture and community they have created and encouraged.  With our original idea of having the fans contribute to the film as much as possible, it dawned on me “Who the hell am I to name this film”.

With that in mind, I have decided to let the fans decide. So we have posted a survey on that we want everyone to help us out with. We want to know what you want to see in the film, what you don’t want to see in the film, who should be interviewed, who should be avoided and most of all.. WHAT SHOULD WE CALL THIS FILM OF OURS???

So take some time, fill out our survey and be a part of the film. We’ll have the survey up on Surrender to the Flow as well as Phan Art and hope to have it forwarded and retweeted as much as possible to get a true opinion of the fanbase. I love this idea and couldn’t think of a better way to name the film.

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