Philly Philms

IMG_5226With current productions in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles, Philly Philms has had international productions stretch as far as Europe, Asia and South America. With deep roots in both narrative and documentary film making, Philly Philms has also developed and produced music videos, commercials and athlete highlight reels.

To “CREATE” is the lone company mission.

In 2010 Philly Philms began collaborating with film producer Kelly Wood which has helped us move forward in the entertainment industry while further stretching our creative arms. Kelly has worked as both an executive producer and creative consultant in documentary film and her addition to the Philly Philms Phamily has been nothing short of seamless.

We hope our admiration for great film making, an insatiable curiosity about cinematography and the moving image, and our daily desire to take challenges will both fuel and inspire us as we continue to create.


Michael Ryan Lawrence
President Philly Philms
(215) 350-4656